3 Jan

Crimp Beads are easy to use and can really change the way you work with jewelry.

What you need:

1 – Crimp beads.

They are super tiny. They come in different materials and different sizes. Usually, when you’re working with wire, you’ll want to pick a small size. This way the wire doesn’t get cut when you flatten he bead. Also, you don’t want the crimp bead to be too resistant, or it won’t close all the way. Look how tiny these guys are:

2 – Wire – tiger tail wire, nylon wire

This wire is super strong and works really well when you’re making necklaces. It might not be as good for bracelets, especially if you’re making something for smaller wrists. You can also use it for making long earrings. provides a sturdy base for your projects.

3 – Pliers

Any pliers will do, as long as they have flat teeth. If they’ve got a little bit of a ridge, that’s okay too. You want flat pliers so the string doesn’t get cut. You want teeth that will flatten the crimp bead. How does it work? I usually make my complete piece, then put crimp beads on the end. Depending on what you are using it for, you can use crimp beads to attach clasps, or space out beads along a wire.

Spacing Beads

You need

2 Crimp Beads

The Beads you want to space out



1 – Put your wire through the crimp bead.

2 – Figure out approximately where you want the crimp bead to hold beads.

3 – Use the pliers to flatten the bead. Do this by hovering the jaw of the pliers over your crimp bead.

4 – Close the pliers, and you’ll be squeezing your crimp bead flat.

5 – Let go and you’ve got your crimp bead in place.

6 – lace any other beads you want between the placeholder crimp beads

7 – repeat steps 1 – 5 for the second crimp bead. You’ve used crimp beads as spacers!

If you’ve made a necklace or bracelet, and you want to close the end and attach clasps, here’s how you do it

Closing the end of a Project.

You need:


2 Crimp Beads

1 – Take your crimp bead and lace it through the wire

2 – Create a loop

3 – Lace the loop end back into the same crimp bead

4 – Hover your pliers jaws over the crimp bead, and close them

5 – Let go and you have a firm loop end. You can attach a lobster claw clasp or some kind of closing to this loop.

Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for the other end of your project, using the other half of your clasp. (When using lobster claw clasps, the other half of the clasp is usually a jump ring. You can also forgo this step, and simply make a loop on the other end of your project to attach the clasp to.)

Note: You can make loops as small or as large as you want, you just have to wiggle your crimp bead closer or further away before you flatten it to make the loop bigger or smaller.


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