15 Jun

Green With Envy

Green With Envy is one of my simplest pieces and sends the strongest message. A single peacock feather lies against your neck, its feathers spraying out to make a beautiful statement.

Black Plastic Wire
51 cm long
Less than a mm wide

Gunmetal Cable Chain
4.5 cm long (for size adjustment)

Peacock Feather
15 cm long
8 cm wide


See it on Etsy.

Flared Out

This delicate goose feather necklace sites lightly along your neckline. The feathers flare out to create a dramatic look. Held together with a strong, light, wire.

Please let me know if you need a different size.

Feather Gathering

Feathers range from 8 – 12.5 cm long
Feathers are 5 mm wide


37 cm long

Wire is less than 1 mm thin


See it on Etsy.


This beautiful copper and gold necklace warms up your style. Elegant, simple, and classic. The Chain that loops around your neck is adjustable in length, you can have this necklace hang long, or keep it short.


4 cm long
1.8 cm wide

88 cm at its longest

Adjustable Chain
36 cm long

.2 – .5 mm in width


See it on Etsy.

Chained In

Chained In is the perfect necklace to go with everything. Black and copper chains in different sizes and types drape beautifully to form a finished piece.
This necklace is also size adjustable. You can close the lobster claw clasp along any link along the chain that sits on the nape of your neck.

Chained In Necklace in Brass and Black

Black Cable Chain (Adjustable)
34 cm long
5 cm wide

Black Rope Chain
41 cm long
.5 cm wide

Brass Cable Chain (2 pieces)
34 cm long
51 cm long
.6 cm wide

Black Diamond and Circles Chain
38 cm long
Diamond – .8 cm wide
Circle – .6 cm wide

Thin Black Cable Chain
46.7 cm
.1 cm


See it on Etsy.


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