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Dinner Time, Under Arrest and Look Up

15 Jun

Dinner Time

This little spoon and fork will come in handy if you plan on having any tiny meals. A quirky accessory thats perfect for making any outfit playful, These Dinner Time Earrings are fun and easy to wear.


7.2 cm from top of earring hook

1.4 cm wide

1 cm


See it on Etsy.

Under Arrest

These little handcuffs will come in handy when you need to make a citizens arrest and the citizen is super small. These have to be the quirkiest charms, as they say “freedom” on them. Lots of fun and a little offbeat, The Under Arrest earrings will make every outfit playful.


8.3 cm long measured from top of earring hook
1.2 cm wide


See it on Etsy.

Look Up

Because they’re not quite 324 m tall, these tiny Eiffel Towers are the perfect size to hang sweetly from your ears. Cute charms earrings for any day.


4.2 cm from top of earring hook
1.2 cm wide at bottom

See it on Etsy.