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Glamourmesh Necklaces – Available in Store at Blue Banana

4 Aug

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Bad Girl – New Items

10 Feb

Bad Girl presents Deserted


Bad Girl presents Very Bad Girl


Bad Girl presents Pick Your Weapon

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29 Dec


25 Dec

Merry Christmas!!

To ring in the holidays and jump off Boxing Day,

Felt You Heart Beat Jewelry will have





Sunday December 26th at Midnight!!


More Bad Girl!

18 Nov


BAD GIRL presents Chain Saw

BAD GIRL presents Chain saw. Chain saw has layer upon layer of faux silver. Different textures and lengths collide to make a world of beautiful detail for your eyes. A sleek black ribbon finishes off this necklace. You can tie it off so it hangs long or is close to the collar bone. You will be sure to glitter as dangerously as a sharp blade with Chain Saw.


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Red Drops features little round chunks of Red Coral complimented by the dark shine of gunmetal chains. Just the right balance of chain and stone, this statement piece is sure to stand out.


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BAD GIRL presents Loaded. Loaded collides different textures and colors to make one beautiful statement necklace. A smooth black ribbon finishes off this piece. You can tie it the ribbons so your necklace hangs long or stays close to the collar bone. You will have a complete fashion arsenal with Loaded.


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BAD GIRL presents Trigger. I love this gunmetal necklace! It has tonnes of chains, lots of different textures, and it all mixes together to make an awesome statement piece. Jump start your look with Trigger.


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BAD GIRL presents Snake. This beautiful statement piece features delicate Jet Black chains of different textures. A beautiful black ribbon finishes off this necklace, you can tie it off so it hangs long or is close to the collar bone. A lot of subtle detail in this design, Snake will sweetly slither into your style.


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New Necklaces!

18 Nov

Maven in Jet Black

This gorgeous chain necklace is versatile and fun. You can close the lobster claw clasp along any link on the back chain. Your look can be close to the neck or dangling along your chest. Different textures of black chain combine to create this gorgeous necklace. Choose your look with Maven in Jet Black.


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Link Up

This gorgeous chain necklace is one of my favorite pieces. It has layers and layers of chains comprising four different textures to create a lot of detail. This elaborate yet easy to wear piece will make you feel like a star.


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18 Aug

This necklace is made up of one large and one small chain intertwined.

It can be worn off to the side for an asymmetrical look or hanging straight down like a classic necklace.

Intertwined in Gold


46 cm long

Thin Chain
1 mm wide

Bigger Chain (each link)
10 cm wide
28 cm long

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